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To journey inward is our highest calling. To embrace healing is to align the mind, body and spirit, bringing back the whole self to its natural state of balance. Alyce Wellons, LCSW and Lena Franklin, LCSW are thrilled to be offering a year-long therapy group for individuals interested in learning how to integrate the transformative benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga into daily life to treat stress, anxiety, and depression.

Alyce Wellons, LCSW & Lena Franklin, LCSW will co-lead this closed, year-long group of 10-12 individuals.


This group will meet from 5:30 - 7:30 pm the first Wednesday of each month, starting October 3, 2018.   Joining this group requires a yearlong commitment.


Groups will be held at Foundations Midtown: midtown/


$100 per group/year-long commitment. 

Statement of Services for Group Therapy will be available for insurance.


Through the portal of the body, we can begin to reclaim our lives and return to our innate state of peace, joy, love, and balance. We can’t think our way into healing but, through intentional mind/body practices, the constriction of fear, anxiety, stress, and depression can be released--offering us the peace we desire.  There is a tremendous amount of empirical research validating the use of yoga and meditation to treat stress, depression, and anxiety, as well as addiction, trauma, and other mental health challenges.

There will be group check-in at the beginning and end of each class, and a series of yoga and meditation instruction and practice in each group. Techniques will include various forms of sitting meditation, poses (asanas), use of sound (mantra & chanting), mudras (hand gestures), and ending with yoga nidra (a type of yoga meditation to help the body, relax and prepare for sleep).  This group will be an integration of experiential mind/body practices, teachings from Alyce & Lena, and group processing.

You DO NOT need any yoga or mediation experience in order to participate in the group.  This group is suitable for beginners to yoga and meditation. Most of the practices will be restorative in nature and your co-leaders will provide thorough guidance and cues. We will also make every effort for adjustments to allow you to do the work safely and comfortably.

Group Facilitators:

Alyce E. Wellons, LCSW
Alyce is a licensed psychotherapist in practice for over 17 years in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta. She has been practicing yoga for over 12 years, and has specialized training in Mindfully Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and LifeForce Yoga. She integrates these techniques into her psychotherapy practice, along with attachment and neurobiology, offering clients a wide range of tools to use on their healing journey.  In addition, she has a personal yoga and meditation practice. To learn more about Alyce, you can visit her website: 

Lena L. Franklin, LCSW
Lena is a licensed psychotherapist with years of experience integrating meditation, yoga, and inner experiential exercises into her clinical work with clients. Lena is the owner of a Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy Practice and luxury wellness retreat business, Inner Journey Retreats. Utilizing her specialized training in LifeForce Yoga (Yoga for Mood Management), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and clinical background, Lena helps clients heal from a body-centered approach.  Lena helps clients remove inner obstructions and reconnect to the innate wholeness beneath stress, anxiety, depression and trauma.  Raised in a hybrid Buddhist/Christian household, Lena was introduced to meditation as a young child. Today, this mindfulness foundation has grown into a deep passion to guide others on a journey towards inner peace, emotional balance and a felt sense of wholeness. For more about Lena and her work, visit


The Sacred Work of Presence

consult_group_buddha_twitter_v1 (1).jpeg

A professionally-facilitated consultation group for therapists, coaches, and teachers committed to the sacred work of presence.

Advances in neuroscience and evidence-based practice support the use of meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and other somatic modalities in clinical settings and beyond. This consultation group will be informed by recent findings in neuroscience and tie them to theory including attachment, interpersonal, and others.  We will consider definitions of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, and strive to connect these powerful tools to current neuroscience findings, theory, and evidence-based clinical tools and contemplate their validity and importance in clinical settings to support optimal holistic health. The integration of ancient Eastern healing practices with Western neuroscience provides a foundation for the ongoing work in various professional settings.

The consultation group’s work will be based on scientific, emotional, and spiritual beliefs that the body has an innate capacity to heal and regulate itself. Our collective focus will be on learning to help clients learn to use their connections to their central nervous systems to assess, diagnose, and treat dysregulation through body-based somatic modalities such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga and other body-based approaches. 

As therapists, coaches, healers, and teachers, we possess the tremendous opportunity to guide others on a journey towards reclaiming wholeness within. Through presence, we can help clients and students utilize their inner capacities to ease dysregulation in the central nervous system and balance their energy bodies through body-based, somatic modalities such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Group members will explore how, when, and why to use yoga/poses (asanas) , breath work (pranayama), hands (mudras), sound, and other mindfulness-based approaches for stress management, alleviation of anxiety and depression, addiction and recovery, as well as trauma-processing and overall individual growth and empowerment. Through these body-based tools, clients can become empowered to ignite their inner light-infused tools to awaken healing capacities including psychological, personal and spiritual growth. Together, we will support one another in our own mind/body/spirit growth as we simultaneously share these body-based skills with those we serve. Indeed, we can only meet those who sit before us at the depth we have met ourselves.

Current evidence-based works of Dr. Dan Siegel, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Tara Brach, Jon Kabat Zinn (founder of Mindfully Based Stress Reduction program), and Amy Weintraub (Founder of Life Force Yoga Practitioner Training Program), among others, provide the foundation for group activities.


Each meeting will include grounding/centering/meditation/breath work that can also be used with clients. This group will feature a combination of personal inner practice, case consultation, teaching, and exploring the use of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and other body-based modalities as treatment offerings for clients. The group process will be facilitated thru the lens of neuroscience, theory, spirituality and professional training and experience. Participants will be guided through activities from the mat, cushion, and chair as needed.


Open to licensed psychotherapists and other mental health professionals, holistic health coaches, yoga therapists, and people in professions working in a relevant capacity.

Targeted to individuals who are interested in learning more about these modalities for professional and client growth, as well as for themselves and their clients.



  • Geared toward licensure or supervision.

  • Approved for continuing education.

  • Each group participant is responsible for ensuring that this work falls within his/her scope of practice.

  • Facilitators bear no professional, ethical, or legal responsibility for a participant’s actual work with clients.


Second Monday of each month, 10:00 am-12:00 noon 

First group begins October 15th, 2018  


The group will take place monthly in Midtown:

Brookwood Exchange Building

1708 Peachtree Street, NW
Suite 300
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Please note: This group meets in the Foundations Midtown group room space but is not formally affiliated with the agency.


  • $100.00 per group

  • 12 month commitment

  • Total of 12 group members + 2 facilitators = 14 total

Questions / Contact:

Alyce Wellons, LCSW


Alyce E. Wellons, LCSW:  Alyce has been a licensed clinical social worker since 1999 in the state of Georgia. She has maintained a private psychotherapy, supervision, and consultation practice for over 17 years in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta. Alyce sees individuals and couples for short- or long-term psychotherapy. She has experience and training in many different modalities and areas of psychotherapy. Her areas of expertise and theoretical focus are attachment, addiction/recovery/relapse, disassociation, interpersonal theory, neurobiology, PTSD, trauma, and related work with individuals and couples. She has in depth training in Mindfully Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and LifeForce Yoga. Alyce also uses mindfulness-based education and body-based techniques for addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, recovery, stress related to daily life and other mental health issues. In addition to over 17 years of training and experience in the practice of psychotherapy, Alyce believes in the use of respectful humor and laughter as one of the most wonderful and connecting aspects of life, especially in navigating some of the difficult passages we face along the way. 

Lena Franklin, LCSW:   Offering the ancient practices of mindfulness and meditation utilizing a fresh, modern voice is the essence of Lena’s work. As a Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist, Meditation Instructor and International Wellness Guide, Lena will teach you that “to journey in inward is your highest calling.” Integrating Eastern philosophy with Western neuroscience, Lena’s holistic healing work is grounded in Buddhist Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation, LifeForce Yoga and Insight Yoga in addition to psychodynamic foundations. Lena has a mindfulness business based in Atlanta, GA where she sees individual clients, provides mindfulness corporate trainings, teaches personal growth workshops and guides meditation retreats around the globe. Lena is also the Head of Mindfulness for a meditation application called Welzen, as she offers meditation practices to thousands around the world utilizing the powerful platform of technology. Raised in a hybrid Buddhist/Christian household, Lena was introduced to meditation as a young child. Today, this mindfulness foundation has grown into a deep passion to guide others on a journey towards inner peace, emotional balance and a felt sense of wholeness. Lena has been featured in various media outlets including the Atlantan Modern Luxury, New York Times & World Traveler magazines. Please visit her website to learn more about her practice and schedule of wellness trips, retreats, and continuing education offerings: