CEU Podcast 1 -The Addict and Their Relationship To Their Addiction

CEU Podcast 1 -The Addict and Their Relationship To Their Addiction


Attachment Theory and Addiction

The Spectrum of Relationships and Their Dynamics

This is a 1 of a 4 part podcast presentation with Alyce E. Wellons, LCSW and Dr. Susan Blank on Dr. Blank’s weekly radio show, Detailing Addiction. The podcasts outline, define and educate attachment theory and addiction, highlighting a specific relationship dynamic with each podcast as outlined below. The podcast can be listened to individually or as an entire group, and can be listened in any order you prefer. To receive CEUs, follow the instructions below.

Podcast 1: The Addict and Their Relationship To Their Addiction

  • Name and describe the 4 attachment styles.

  • What does an addict typically report he/she felt the first time they used alcohol/drugs?

  • Is the disease of addiction primary to emotional dysregulation/trauma or secondary?

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